jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2011

Have a nice day!

I'll going to Have a nice day,
Charm morning, I let my home,
Sweetly im put me in on,
Here we have a gretting sun.
The world is mine, is own.

Seriously people be
They are seen everywhere,
How looking for, where
To find nothing
In the floors.

Maybe they hadn't seen my sky
Wonderful and amaizing.
I go to be happy with anything
For me, for you, by be alive

Only i'm going to paint
sonrises, a present to everybody
May you're meetting with me,
Let to come beside mi face.

Take my hand
one more time,
make me staying
In the heaven again,
Together, quite anymore,
Everytime, all places,
Nothing more
Than me and you,
To our love.

(Imagen por cortesía de Sol)